A trip to Steart Marshes

Steart Marshes is WWT’s newest wetlands reserve, having first opened in 2014.

It acts as a “working wetland” – not only does it serve as a nature reserve, but it is used for farming livestock, developing fish stocks and helping to absorb carbon to slow climate change.

Nearby, Hinckley Point nuclear power station is an imposing structure that somewhat detracts from the natural beauty of the site. But it also acts as a reminder of how such conservation projects are increasingly necessary.

View across Steart Marshes
View across the reserve

Steart only floods with the highest tides, and on this occasion we were unfortunate to visit when most of the pools were dry. As such, there was little to see in terms of birds on the ground, but the sky was more busy with various birds of prey.

Buzzard flies overhead

It’s quite a walk to the far end of the site from the car park, but we were rewarded for our efforts by seeing a few little egrets wading in the water searching for food.

Little Egret
Little egret searching for prey
Little Egret
Little egret reflected in the pool

Regardless of the small number of birds seen, this was still a lovely way to spend a sunny day.